Baku Entertainment Factory (BEF) is a Baku/Azerbaijanbased company that is focused on supplying customers with the best and quality entertainmentexperience that is possible. For a long time foreigners, expats and touristscoming to Baku who didn’t speak Azerbaijani or Russian languages had hard timesto find entertainment that offers English Language options. Their choices weremostly limited to sightseeing, listening to music and tasting local cuisine.They would complain about shortage of activities in Baku that are in Englishlanguage. Baku Entertainment Factory is a unique place inBaku that offers English language entertainment. We organize staged comedicshows in English language in Baku. The shows will help you to have evening fullof laughter and joy, and for a while forget all your troubles and problems. Wealso have services such as thematic dinner, English-language guided tours andgame nights.At Baku Entertainment Factory, we are devoted tocreate a special entertainment for you. We offer the experience, dedication and passion thatyou deserve so that you can always be confident that you will have the mostenjoyable evening.


Do you enjoy watching comedies on TV? Have you ever thought that you can see your favorite comedy sketches live right here in Baku in English? Baku Entertainment Factory offers you this possibility. Now you can wholeheartedly laugh and have a good time while watching live theater shows. During our comedic shows you will enjoy live music from famous Baku Bands, jokes from our absolutely adorably and hilarious MC and of course great comedic sketches created especially for you by the crew of Baku Entertainment Factory. During the night you will see around 15-20 sketches. This short entertaining sketches is guarantee of laughter and great time. No matter what your preference, there is something for everyone. We want to help you to forget your problems and laugh with us. If you do not know laughter is one the sources of Vitamin C.


Zarif Bakir

If I needed to explain myself with one sentence I would say: “I am a dreamer and Holden Caulfield is my soul mate.” I guess that’s why I like acting so much because when I act you create my own imaginary world and make an audience believe in its existence. I love live show comedies because as an actor you can hear the immediate reaction of the audience in the form of laughter of course if you do a good job. I hope to get this reaction from you and make your evening enjoyable.

Max Mukhtar

Sometimes we need to get out of our regular life cycle just to feel the way that would bless us with FUN to the MAX

Zara Orujova

I have always loved making people laugh, and that is why I am here. This show is a great opportunity to make people happier! and maybe to show that no matter what is your profession you can always follow your heart. That iss me petroleum engineer talking.

Safa Al-Safa

Smile is a joy, smile is happiness, smile is a moment. Come and live this moment with us. Enjoy and be happy!

Javid Suleyman

For me life is all about getting out of my comfort zone and exploring new adventurous things. A stage, for me is a new dimension where I can forget all of my problems and have fun along with hundreds of people. I am grateful to be involved in Baku Entertainment Factory comedy shows and spend time with some great people.

Nigar Poladova

Yes, dreams are coming true! ..and I am on stage! I find that is one of the great things about acting is you have to stand in somebody else"s shoes-you have to be a little bit of someone"s life-it changes you. Acting is to make impossible possible. I loved getting the job, going to rehearsal, playing someone else, hanging around with the rest of actors. I loved that the way you are going to love our show! You are bored? Want to see something different? So you are at the right place !!! We are looking forward to see you all soon at our show!

Gunay Mammadova

A unified theory of hilarity is what I am in the process of searching for and conveying to, on and around the stage.

Beastie Boy Vagif

I like making jokes and I find that I do it a lot whether I am aware of it or not. Acting has always been my thing and I really like it, that is why I am at where I am right now.For success you must work hard success does not just fall into your hands. And as a great person that I do not know once said "Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success"



BEF Comedy Show: Escape from Serious

Presented by Baku Entertainment Factory